What is hair Botox?

We do a lot of crazy things to our hair. We colour it bleach blonde, bright mermaid shades, or shimmering silver, style it dead straight or curled into beach waves, tie it into messy buns, or pin it into elegant up-dos. And all of this takes a toll. Then every now and then you wake up and your hair looks an absolute mess – nothing but a hat can fix that situation. It’s a bit like looking in the mirror after a night out and feeling like you need a pitcher of Botox to undo the damage. Well, enter the new buzz-product in the beauty business: Botox for hair.

What is Hair Botox?

Essentially Hair Botox is marketed as a quick rejuvenating keratin treatment for your hair that delivers instant results, in the same way that Botox would deliver instantly younger-looking skin. It is ideal if your hair needs a quick fix by boosting moisture and shine, strengthening, reducing frizz, and making hair more manageable in general.

It is also pitched as an alternative to micro-keratin and Brazilian blow-out treatments, or you can use it as a touch-up between your Brazilian treatments. While Hair Botox won’t give you the silky straight hair of a Brazilian Blow-Out, it promises to leave hair much smoother than before. Furthermore, for people with finer hair, a Brazilian or keratin treatment is often too heavy, resulting in a weighed-down, stringy look, so Hair Botox is good alternative.

A big plus is the fact that Botox for Hair has a much shorter treatment time than a Brazilian – around 30 to 45 minutes. Yes please.