Hydra Treatment

The Hydra line was developed for all hair types, with emphasis on dehydrated hair. Its action provides hydro cuticle replacement and amino acids for the hair. Enhanced with innovative and effective technologies such as Seriseal, Silk Protein and Panthenol, it has a capillary hydric control system, anti-age that repair in the intercellular cuticle mass. The results are healthy shine and soft hair.


Service Guide – Step by Step
HYDRA Treatment



Provides subtle cleanser and revitalized hair strands, making the acceptable to receive the treatment that provides moisture and anti-aging action. It is indicated for all types of hair.
How to use: Apply a portion of Hydra Shampoo Step 1 on wet hair and massage them evenly, repeat the procedure up to two times, rinse completely and remove excess water using a towel.


Concentrated complex that repairs, nourishes and deeply moisturizes the most sensitive parts of the hair fiber. With Sericin + Silk Protein + Panthenol, it controls the hydric content, has antioxidant action, promotes greater fixation and durability to the color and treatment in the wire.
How to use: To start applying the Hydra Control Ampoule, replace the bottle cap with the Spray applicator. Distribute the content of the bottle throughout the hair and massage evenly. Leave for 5 minutes. Or add 5ml of Hydra mask ampoule with 20 grams of Hydra mask into a bowl and apply to the full length of hair. Massage it and cover with a plastic cap pausing for 10 minutes. Rinse, apply Hydra Cream and finish as desired.


Provides moisture and nutrient content to the hair. It stabilizes the pH and significantly improves the texture, manageability and shine of the hair.
How to use: After the pause of Hydra Ampoules Control, apply the mask over the hair, cover with a plastic cap and leave it on for another 5 minutes. Rinse and apply the heat protector Hydra Cream and finish as desired.



Home care line for daily use to treat the hair at home.
The Hydra Home Care range has been developed to prolong and maintain the integrity of the hair keeping it healthy.
Complementary technologies are present in its formulation, such as: Sericin, Panthenol, Ceramides and Silk Protein that together keep hair healthy, silky, with intense shine and protected from external aggressions day after day.


Silk Protein: Moisture Balance. Silk protein plays an important role in hair, forms a protective film against external aggressions and balances the natural humidity of hair.
Ceramides: Increase in hair density. Ceramides taking the role of “mass ” that allows to restore and strengthen the damage cells within the hair. It increases the shine and smooth appearance that coats the hair
Seriseal: Regenerated and sealed hair. Seriseal is a nanoparticle with highly moisturizing properties. The nano particles go internally in the hair, replacing the protein mass, which regenerates damage to the hair fiber and promotes sealing of the cuticles.
Panthenol: Repairs and improves the hair. Panthenol is an important vitamin in hair maintenance, which penetrates through the hair shaft and accumulates in the hair until it reaches its root. It delays the formation of split ends, recovers damages, damaged hair, longer lasting to the straightening effect, and protects the hair from mechanical damage.