Platinum Lightener

Handling Profit of Color – Platinum Blond – 10 Shades

Platinum Blond is a controlled action bleaching powder. Now with a new formula in its technology, it lightens hair up to 10 shades with a unique combination of activating elements. It provides advanced neutralization by containing Italian pigment technology, Violet 43, with microcapsules that help prevent unwanted orange and yellow tones during the bleaching process. The formula consists of German technology, LINDEN OIL, lipids and trace elements found in the German flower Tilia Cordata, which provide protection and extreme reconstruction during the whitening process. To increase performance, we recommend using Platinum Blond with our line of stabilized oxidants to achieve up to 10 bleaching shades. And to make the treatment even more complete, we offer our Profit Plex Line with even more incredible results. Profit of Color Powder 10 Shades is an innovation that Prime brings you to dare to go to extremes.
HOW TO USE: Prepare the desired amount in proportion of one part of bleach to one and a half parts of oxidant. Or a part of bleaching powder for two parts or two and a half parts of oxidant to obtain the desired texture and may add the Intense Fortifier Step 1 from the Profit Plex Line for protection and complete regeneration of the hair. Apply immediately after preparation. Use caution when using heat sources. After reaching the desired tone, remove product with water and use Active Repair Step 2 to stabilize the pH and finish the reconstructive process. For a blonde with perfect tone, get to know our line of unique pigment shades. The break time of Platinum Blond bleaching powder should be controlled by the professional and may vary from 20 to 60 minutes. Always wear gloves during the application. We always recommend performing a strand test to check the structure and produce the best results. For more information, see the product label. Para maiores informações, consulte o contrarrótulo do produto.
Linden Oil: A compound of highly regenerating lipids, found in Tília, a unique technology of German nutrition. Made with Vitamin E, Silicone and Tourmaline ingredients to leave hair silky, disciplined, shiny and without frizz.