Peroxide cream has a creamy consistency base developed to enhance the ability of the action from the color and bleaching powders of PROFIT OF COLOR line. It is a product enhanced with an exclusive nutritive German technology making it unique. Linden oil enhanced with emollients and hydrants actives protects the hair considerably against Hydrogen Peroxide avoiding the hair to get sensitive. In addition, it is in the formulation to stabilize and keep the Ph balance allowing it to work accurately delivering evenly color.


Linden Oil: responsible for the high emollient and moisturizing power, considerably lessens the aggression on the hair strands avoiding the sanitation caused by Hydrogen Peroxide.
Bisabolol: it operates efficiently to prevent allergies as it protect the is anti-itching, healing, emollient and softener.
Almond Oil: enhanced with vitamin B1, B2, PP, B5, B6 pro vitamin A and minerals provides extra emollient to the hair