Silver Mask

With superior technology, Prime Pro Extreme launches the Profit Of Color line with specific products for blond hair care. The Silver Gloss line was developed especially to conceptualize a perfect personalization of tones, while it deeply and immediately balances the hair color at the same time. It hydrates and maintains the hairs’ durability. The color balancer is enriched with grape seed extract, lactic acid, Sericin, and D-panthenol ingredients that promote the reconstruction of the capillary fiber, protecting it against free radicals, and considerably improves combing, revitalizing the strands leaving hair healthy.
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Handling Profit of Color – Silver Mask

Dermatologically tested and approved!
Silver mask is a strong capillary fiber anti-yellowing booster. Your platinum blond strands becomes soft and shiny. Silver Mask is enriched with lactic acid, grape seed extract, Sericin and Complex of Cereals which are rich in proteins and amino acids that treat the strands. Its immediate instant uniform color equalizer provides the revitalization and the desired shade.
How to use: With gloves, apply mask on the clean damp hair and spread the product through to ends evenly. Massage from up to down closing the cuticle of the hair and wait until the desired shade is reached. Rinse thoroughly and finalize as needed.



  • Extrato de Semente de Uva: Promotes anti-aging process, rich in Omega 3 and Vitamin E, restores and strengthens the hair strands.
  • Sericina: Natural protein produced in the silkworm cocoon. Its intense hydrating property helps maintain the internal moisture level of the hair to regenerate damaged hair strands.
  • D-Pantenol: Acts as a moisturizer rich in pro-vitamin B5 improving shine, feel, flexibility, and resilience of the hair strand as well as protecting it from mechanical damage.
  • Ácido Lático: Super hydrating raw material; nourishes the hair by penetrating in the deepest structure of the capillary fiber, rebuilding the bonds among the amino acids, giving it shine, nutrition and strength.