SOS Repair

It offers an exclusive complex of nutrients, amino acids and a blend of noble oils. Its action fills the hair fiber with low molecular weight mass replacement, allows complete recovery of damaged hair by chemical and mechanical damage, acts where the hair most needs care, forming a protective layer, maintaining the hydration and sealing of the cuticle. Besides the most complete treatment, it provides realignment of the hair with a natural aspect and a high power of lipid replacement found in the 7 essential oils of the formulation.
The visual result is a silky hair, full of shine and with reduced volume. Ideal for all hair types

Service Guide – Step by Step

Handling  BioTanix Repair Mask

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Dermatologically tested and approved!


  • After washing your hair, remove excess water with a towel and divide it into 4 equal section;
  • Apply the  mask section by section  with the aid of fine comb, leaving 30 minutes pausing;
  • After the pause time, rinse the hair with plenty of water, blow-dry the hair activating the intense shine and silk  touch;
  • Once the blow dry is complete flat iron  8 to 10 times with a temperature of 180°C to 200°C for blonde and colored hair, and 200°C to 230°C for virgin and resistant hair. We recommend to flat iron  the ends only 3 to 4 times.


  • Tannic Acid: A Natural composition is extracted from the bark of the Black Wattle Tree (Acacia Negra). Being an environmentally friendly product, it does not lead to health risks. It acts with in the hair shaft releasing Hydrogen and providing an internal imbalance, which results in a smooth effect. Phenolic compound, derived from the secondary metabolism of plants; Defined as water-soluble polymers that precipitate proteins.
  • Hyaluronic: Anti-aging action; Fills the cuticle fissures; Form an external coating that helps maintain hydration; Helps preserve the integrity of fibers as well as capillaries; It maintains the hair’s health, keeping it natural, flexible with intense shine.
  • Olive Oil: Rich in omega 9 fatty acids, essential to treat hair, Ojon Oil is excellent in treating damaged hair. It helps restore shine and softness, making it silky, and contributes to the maintenance of the hair fibers. Assists in the reconstruction of the hair that require extreme heat from a hair dryer or flat iron, and for professional coloring os the professional chemical services.