Perfectliss Advance

Brazil is pioneer when it comes to Straightening Treatments, but nowadays it has become so popular, that every day there is a new product available, but that doesn’t mean they’re all good. The first treatments used to contain FORMALDEHYDE, a chemical component that is VERY HARMFUL, not only to the clients but also to the hairdresser. Formaldehyde has been banned in hair products in most countries including Canada, but some manufactures still include the ingredient on their formula, with a disguised name, putting the health of everyone at risk.

Knowing all this facts, we researched all the products available in Brazil and Canada, visited the factories and spoke with manufactures in order to decide what product to use in our hair salon, and after many tests we found VISAT HAIR, a Brazilian brand with a strong reputation regarding their treatments and willing to partnership with Maison Brazil in order to register their product with Health Canada.

And that’s why we can guarantee you, that Perfectliss Advance it’s the BEST straightening treatment available in the market. With FORCE FIELD Lotus+Tourmaline exclusive technology, it straightens the hair without damaging, without changing the hair color(great for blondes or color treated hair), leaving the hair weightless, smooth, frizz-free, shiny and healthy.

Perfectliss Advance contain ZERO FORMALDEHYDE and it’s registered and approved by Health Canada**.  It’s formula contain LOTUS and TOURMALINE as active ingredients.

The result last up to 6 months* and it’s only necessary touch-up on the roots/growth.
* will depend on how fast the hair grows
** Prior to importing, product formula and concentrations were registered with Health Canada and considered in accordance with their requirements.