About Us

Maison Brazil it’s for those who seek quality and unique service with the Brazilian way of being and work.

Brazilians are vain, demanding and very neat, that’s why when beauty it’s the subject, Brazil it’s reference worldwide.

At Maison Brazil we are loyal to the Brazilian style of service, which has pleased our customers from many nationalities.

Besides taking care of your hair, skin and nails, here you always meet with friends, listen to good music and taste a Brazilian coffee.

Unifying a Hair Salon with a Beauty Supply gives you the convenience of not only buying everything at one place, but also the advantage of a free consultation from our professionals, who will more than happily help you choose the best product suited for your hair needs.

We only carry the best professional products available in the market and with the best price in Toronto. (Lowest price guaranteed).

Contact us and schedule your visit, Toronto welcomed Maison Brazil, and we are here pleased to welcome you!