Botox Frizz-Control

Botox Frizz-Control

At Maison Brazil, we offer all sorts of treatments for your hair, each for a specific achievement.

The Botox Anti-frizz, it’s a product formulated by Visathair, imported from Brazil and available exclusively at Maison Brazil Beauty Centre.

The Botox treatment, it’s for those clients that wants to remove the frizz and extra volume from the hair, without straightening permanently.

The result will be a hair with less volume, frizz-free, smooth, shiny and healthy.

Botox Frizz-Control contains Hydrolized Keratin, Cysteine and Tourmaline, it’s exclusive technology, contain ZERO FORMALDEHYDE and it’s registered and approved by Health Canada*.

The result last up to 3 months* and it’s only necessary touch-up on the roots/growth.

* will depend on how fast the hair grows
** Prior to importing, product formula and concentrations were registered with Health Canada and considered in accordance with their requirements.