Olaplex, the salvation of chemically damaged hair?

Yes, basically because every chemical process breaks the dissufuric bonds of the hair and Olaplex multiplies and reconstructs the bonds that are responsible for the resistance of the hair.

Olaplex has only one active organic compound, called Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate, patented was created by DR. Eric Pressly, what it is we don’t know, but we know  it’s efficient.

Everyone can use Olaplex, even those who only do color, but especially those who do discolorations because it is a more aggressive process.

The application is divided into two steps, the first step it’s mixed with the bleach and OX,  and the second in the post-rinse, which has the function of balancing PH and giving emolliency.

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How to use:

In the discoloration: It increases the resistance of the hair allowing the whitening to a greater degree,  without damaging and leaving emollient and with brightness.

Treatment: For extremely damaged or broken hair, to give resistance, or in the pre-chemical to repair the hair to receive the process of discoloration.

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