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Whether is BLACK FRIDAY, BOXING DAY, SUMMER SALE, WINTER SALE, MONTHLY SPECIALS, COUPONS OR DISCOUNT, there’s always something special at Maison Brazil for your to SAVE money and get the best available. Check bellow our current specials. Also, keep an eye on our social media for exclusive deals!  

Covid-19 RulesCovid-19 Rules

Arriving for your appointment: All clients will be screened to ensure you are healthy enough to attend your appointment. Arrive for your appointment alone as we will not have any additional seating for friends, family(including your child) Arrive exactly when your appointment starts, not any earlier. (delays also won’t be


We are also a Beauty Supply. We offer retail products to our salon clients, as well as wholesale exclusive products imported from Brasil, to salon across Ontario. You can also purchase some selected retail products from us at Amazon.ca And if you are a Hair Salon or Hairdresser, click HERE

Treatments OfferedTreatments Offered

We offer a wide variety of treatments for your hair and body. From simple yet effective washing station add-ons (moisture, hydration, color protection), to more intense procedures for hair reconstruction, keratin injection, fiber bonding, frizz reduction, restore and straightening treatments. Only the best for your hair: Kerastase, L’Oreal, L’Anza, Senscience,